Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Of Those Citroen Commercials

It was really, really popular for a while there to pass around those Citroen ads where the car transforms and then does something athletic. Heck, I'm sure I embedded them at least once myself, probably more than that, and a huge number of parodies and related material.

Turns out that there's a new one. I could only find the German version independent of other material; I don't know if there was another version.

I must admit, I quite like the classical music, although it still doesn't hold a candle to this, which is my favorite transforming robot dance sequence of all time.

And here's an animation of a transforming dustbuster trying to kill you!

Didn't have a lot of time for blogging today, you see, because the computer workspace had to be destroyed and rebuilt in my own dark image. I'm blogging for the first time from a nice, practically brand new computer, by the way (though its keyboard is giving me conniption fits).

-Signing off.

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