Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Golden Age Triple Moment of the Day (60)

I've posted a few of these moments of the day lately that feature scenes from Samson, a feature from Fantastic Comics, which also featured Stardust the Super Wizard.

This brief sequence from Fantastic Comics #9 shows that Samson, while a "powered" hero instead of a "super wizard" hero, was otherwise cut from much the same absolutely merciless mold as Stardust.

Here we see that Stardust Samson [EDIT: Whoops!], who is on an island full of monsters, has a huge bird tucked under his arm. Why is he after that boulder?


And of course, he had the bird under his arm so he could have it carry him away from the island.

So Samson, rather than be willing to let these monsters live, decided he was going to drive them into extinction.

He probably broke the bird's neck later and gave it to somebody as a substitute holiday turkey, too.

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