Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Game Review: The Space Game

The Space Game is just what it sounds like-a game involving outer space.

Since that tells you basically nothing, I suppose I'm obligated to continue.

The Space Game is a strategy game with some real time strategy (RTS) and tower defense elements, with the central aspect being gathering resources and building a base.

Managing power production versus consumption and the amount of minerals mined from asteroids are crucial, and you also must build defensive... things (you can't really call them satellites or space stations) to protect from "pirate" ships.

(Sorry for the nearly invisible pirate ships here, but they aren't much bigger in the actual game.)

Your various defenses need to be adapted to the threats you encounter. Pulse lasers can handle most foes pretty easily.

Most ships aren't terribly threatening, and even worse threats can usually be handled by missile launchers and THELs (Tactical High Energy Lasers).


I really had to work at it before I figured out how to survive against these:

Motherships. Motherships are basically these, for TV Tropes fans.

It took me a while to figure out that basically the only thing that works well (by which I mean "works at anything other than slowing them down a bit") against the bloody things are missiles (LOTS of missiles), because if they get close, they cut your base to shreds with huge purple lasers. Even your huge lasers don't do that much to them (they can stop one at a time, but especially on this particular level, which by the way is the first place you meet them, you're never facing just one at a time).

I like games like this, so I enjoyed this game pretty well overall. I recommend it if you like "strategy/defense" games.

I've played another game that both has a lot in common, and a lot that's different about it. (Discussion of such will probably be interesting.) With a little luck, a review for that one will be up next week.

-Signing off.

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