Thursday, July 1, 2010

Two Things

First, I've been seeing this trailer around, and I thought it was pretty cool, all things considered, so I'll embed it.

FYI, Space Battleship Yamato (which this is a live action version of) was an anime where Japan's giant WWII battleship, the Yamato, was found on the dried-up ocean floor and refurbished into a space battleship. Yes, literally, actually, and truly. (Many Americans know it as Star Blazers.)

Second, check out this article about a "transforming robot." It is literally what it says it is-a "robot" (in the technical sense of the word, which is why I use quotes-most people will look at it and say "that's no robot") that "transforms" (which in this case means folding into different shapes). It's no Optimus Prime, or even a Gobot, but it's a first step. And it's kinda cool.

-Signing off.

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