Thursday, July 8, 2010

Supreme Commander Vs...

(Kinda tired and lazy today, so I figure I'll just spam my readers with video embeds and see what happens... Did I type that out?)

So I've occasionally talked about the old game Total Annihilation, and its spiritual fan-made successor Spring. I've never mentioned Supreme Commander (except offhandedly once), which was the creator-created spiritual successor (he no longer works with the company that owns the rights to the game).

From what I've heard, Supreme Commander was generally seen as either mediocre or outright bad (depending on whom you ask-Total Annihilation fans actually are more critical of it than the general public).

Spring fans?

Well, most of them were TA fans first, and they have access to a rather similar free engine.

The fact that Spring is an engine and not a game can't really be emphasized enough. The following three videos are all taken from Spring "mods" (modules or modifications), i.e. discrete games.

(Respectively, P.U.R.E., a mod that is intended to evoke TA while being distinct from it; a Star Wars-inspired game; and a WWII-based game.)

So Spring gives you your choice of any number of free poisons. There's even Nanoblobs, a public domain mod. (Most Spring content is free already; Nanoblobs is free to steal for your own use. You could even technically change its name and other minor details and then sell it, although you'd be pure evil if you did.)

So, yeah, Spring >> Supreme Commander.

-Signing off.

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