Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Technically This Series' Premise Is Offensive

Anime/manga's sense of the appropriate knows few boundaries; how often do you see a series that's about a bunch of students trying to kill their teacher?

If you can get past the premise, though, Assassination Classroom is, well, a very funny series, even if the comedy's often fairly black*.

And a lot of the time, it's just kinda zany.

And so here's fifteen screenshots I've taken for their comedy value, grouped irregularly.

Group one: It's hard to deal with somebody who has superspeed.

Group two: Even if you're in a jet.

Group three: Having superspeed means you always have free time on your hands.

Group four: Lots of free time.

It's also rather charming, because even though the teacher is a threat to the entire world, he seems to love both teaching and his students deeply. (He's also darned good at teaching, oddly enough.)

*Episode 4 gets a little sketchy at one point (it plays a rather violating act for laughs), and also has the most (annoying) fanservice of any of the ten episodes I've watched thus far. Though thankfully, nearly all of the fanservice in the series is linked to an adult character rather than the underage students.

-Signing off.

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