Monday, January 4, 2016

In This Cartoon, A Character Gets Trapped In His Own Thought Bubble

You know what has a certain strange charm?

Those weird old cartoons where one person provided all the voices and wasn't trying very hard to sound different. (In this case, as in many similar cases, a character is narrating and providing the other voices.)

Although this cartoon is pretty amusingly weird, the weirdest thing about it for me was something that had nothing to do with the cartoon itself, but a copyright notice at the end:

I mean, I know that corporate characters are a thing, but it's still... really odd to me. Maybe it's just a more old-fashioned sort of copyright notice than I'm used to; these days, a cartoon like this probably wouldn't have a notification like that because it'd almost certainly entirely belong to the corporation that funded it, whereas back then (and maybe to some degree still in the UK, I know copyright laws are different there) the cartoon and the character might belong to different groups.

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