Monday, March 23, 2015

Can't Say No To Giant Robots

I have a real soft spot for mecha, super robots, and all other forms of humongous limb-equipped battle machine. (You may have noticed if you've been reading this blog for any serious length of time.)

So it stands to reason that I'd generally like games where you pilot robots, and this is in fact true, even when I stink at them. I have fond memories of getting killed and dissected by Cybrids on nearly every Earthsiege mission I attempted to play.*

So looking at this video of the Metal Warriors game is pretty neat, because not only do you pilot robots, you can hijack them.

Frankly, it looks like a lot more fun than Earthsiege**.

*Earthsiege was the first computer game purchased independently of a computer that I ever owned. The first computer game I ever owned (and thought of as "mine") was Star Crusader, which was one of a ton of things that came with that first computer. The next computer game was Dark Forces. I should note that I finished Star Crusader without help-I was a pretty decent space jockey***-and needed little help finishing Dark Forces thanks to its "super-shield" cheat setting; I never got past the third mission, if that, of the Earthsiege campaign. (If I played Earthsiege, it was usually a single mission with the invulnerability and unlimited ammunition cheat settings on; the campaign mode didn't allow those settings. Meh.)

Apparently space fighters are my thing, but clunky tankbots? Nope.

**The major thing I did like in Earthsiege was customizing mecha and coming up with absurd, unbalanced weapon combinations-if I'd not been using the unlimited ammunition feature, I'm pretty sure every Colossus I ever configured would have stalled out from overtaxing the reactor. That, with invulnerability, made crashing into the heavy enemy mecha and unleashing every weapon tons of fun.

***On the other hand, I inevitably quickly crash any aircraft in anything resembling a realistic flight simulator, and in Microsoft Flight Simulator I never really managed either an actual takeoff or landing. Gravity is my enemy.

-Signing off.

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