Wednesday, November 20, 2013

YouTube Needs Better "Related Videos" Algorithms (or possibly better users)

I was watching a video (well, looking back at a video) of a praying mantis of a new/previously only documented once species, because mantids are beautiful animals.*

And I noticed some of the odd "related" videos.

Now, the camera howto videos were posted by the person who took the video, so that's not so weird. I personally think it's odd that there's such a preponderance of spider-related results, but that's just people being silly. The alien one, though, that's odd.

Not nearly as odd as the result "The Best of Sting (1984-1994) International Version Full Album" result (yes, really) for the same video, but still odd.

*Pet peeve: People who talk about insects as if they're not animals. Frikkin' sponges are frikkin' animals. I think insects qualify.

-Signing off.

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