Friday, June 28, 2013

Psychedelic Camera Effect Attack!

The super robot Mach Baron was, to my knowledge, one of the earliest live-action attempts at a giant robot series.

Thus it is, by its very nature, among the very trippiest robots of all time.


1. Apparently, Mach Baron must do that kaleidoscopey sort of arm-spinning thing to launch his fists and use certain other abilities such as the chest missiles.

2. Apparently, Mach Baron must spin his head to set up the numerous different weapons mounted in his mouth.

3. Apparently, Mach Baron must do the kaleidoscopy arm-spinning followed by head-spinning to use his eye beams.

His feet being where the car docks is barely worth mentioning; it's pretty par for the course.

Also, my sister would like you to note the bizarre chairs in the scientist's control room. Says she, "They are gloriously tacky."

-Signing off.

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