Monday, August 13, 2012

I Suppose With A Magic Ring Theme This Joke Was Inevitable

I can't understand what Kamen Rider Wizard there is saying, so that only makes the resemblance to a marriage proposal starting at 0:52 more striking. (My sister's response was essentially "Is he asking her to take his hand in lawfully wedded Kamen Rider matrimony? Because that would be great.")

I suppose it could be a transformation device of some sort, and from the general look of things it's certainly magical, but still.

(According to various material, the character he's talking to in that bit is a police officer who doesn't understand why the police aren't trying to do anything about the rampant demon activity or something. ...That's always a good question in a show like this, actually.

Wait, also according to various material, the ring he gave her is called the Engage Ring. Seriously? Are they doing this on purpose?)

-Signing off.

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