Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hey, Look, Grimlock!

Recently, a Transformer was introduced into the Transformers mythos and received a lot of negative backlash. Why? Because he was overhyped as something new to Transformers but was not. (I'm not naming names, but here's his article on the TFWiki.)

The basic gist of the hype was pretty much "Hey, he's the Transformers version of Wolverine!"

Sorry, guys, we don't need a counterpart to Wolverine: We've got one.

Seriously, Grimlock is what Wolverine would be if he were a giant robot dinosaur guy with a sword longer than a Cadillac instead of a mutant with pointy claws.

(I think my favorite Grimlock quote actually comes from a photo fancomic [much better than it sounds] where a cannibalistic Transformer version of Venom asked him what he tasted like. His single-word response, accompanied by extreme violence, was "Pain."

Grimlock tastes like pain, all right.)

-Signing off.

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