Friday, October 14, 2011


Appropriate as the title may be, sadly this post isn't about Doctor Doom.

I was recently reading comments on a recent Shortpacked! strip (a habit I try to avoid getting into) and noticed a number of people mentioned someone called "Excalibur" in reference to Galasso shouting "FOOLS!" This struck me as incongruous, for what ought to be reasonably obvious reasons. Thankfully, somebody was kind enough to link a YouTube video. (Note that the following clip is flipped for some strange reason-note that the word "Excalibur" is mirrored towards the end.)

This guy is hilarious. I could listen to him nattering on like that (with the soft bagpipes underlaid) all day. (Naturally, I looked up the episodes of the series which feature him on YouTube, which have been officially posted there.)

I think my favorite part of this particular clip is how he says "What's your favorite number from one to twelve? ... FOOLS! What right do you have to pick a number? My legend dates all the way back to the twelfth century, you know!" as if the sum total of those sentences make more sense than they do separately.

And perhaps the "No autographs" at the end without missing a beat.

-Signing off.

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