Thursday, July 7, 2011

Super Robot Wars Facelift

I've posted videos from Super Robot Wars here from time to time (once, I did it quite regularly).

One of the issues with the games is that, while they have beautiful sprite work, they are pretty visually static overall.

A Wii game used CG graphics instead, which improved on the dynamism and created visually interesting maps that wouldn't be possible in the old system but took away because of the simplified models and other oddities, such as the graphically dull boss attacks in this video (I've posted Keisar Ephes' "End of the Galaxy" attack here more than once-it's known for being particularly egregiously long and silly-this goes too far in the opposite direction). Also, the character portraits flying in your face are more jarring here (and goodness knows, they could be pretty jarring already).

A more recent Super Robot Wars game features a new variation on the sprite-based system (although at least some of the sprites look like they were created with CG), and I think I like it pretty well myself.

Still repetitive, excessive, and silly, but I think I like the effect of the two robots being juxtaposed like that, and a lot of attacks make more sense from that angle. Perhaps it'd be best if some attacks appear from certain angles and some other attacks appear from other angles-map attacks use a different visual system anyway, so why shouldn't the animation system be a bit more flexible?

Blah blah blah fishcakes.

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