Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Game Reviews: Achievement Unlocked 2

(Word of warning: I had a moment of stupidity today and clicked on the advertisement at the top of the Google search instead of the first legitimate result while doing a Flash Player search. I got something that installed Flash, but had malicious subprograms and changed my homepage to a Microsoft page and my default search engine to Bing, which I've never used and will never use [admittedly, part of it was my fault because I was being lazy, though I fixed it]. Don't ever do that.)

Achievement Unlocked 2 is one of those odd high-concept games. Conceptually, I think it's more closely related to Epic Combo than anything else I've reviewed.

The whole point is to unlock achievements, and literally nothing else.

This is both stupid and clever.

I like it less than Epic Combo, I think, but you can probably have fun with it for a while.

-Signing off.

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