Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stuff I Know Nothing About Beyond Looking It Up: Guyver

It's totally strange to read that Guyver is a series that's been coming out since 1985 (the year before my sister was born), and is apparently still coming out. Very few comics are published for nearly that long (although part of the length apparently comes from the author's health issues delaying it repeatedly).

While I'm only mildly interested in the manga and related anime works (and some live action movies made in America [?!]), I have to admit, the character designs and aesthetic are truly beautiful. (Note that there's rather more graphic violence in Guyver than in things I usually share here on the blog, to levels that put a lot of cartoonish anime violence to shame-which is part of why my interest in it is limited.)

And of course, it just generally has been blessed with nice animation.

A similar aesthetic can be seen in an anime called Betterman, which is notable for being 1) inextricably intertwined in additional material with the Gaogaigar series even though 2) it's a straight up horror (with giant robots) series where the presence of the immensely powerful Gaogaigar characters (who do stuff like punch out moons on a regular basis) would kinda ruin it. I have only a limited interest in Betterman for reasonably similar reasons.

Yay, lazy time-deprived post.

-Signing off.

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