Friday, March 4, 2011


I unexpectedly found myself dog-sitting this weekend, so this actually isn't exactly as planned.

But here, have a reference to the thing that makes me think of Zordon as such a schemer (as referenced in the title of my Power Rangers blog, The Zordon Conspiracy).

(The link is to a YouTube video from which I... um, borrowed the reference image that my sister and I used to make it.)

And all these years later, that's probably why I still love Power Rangers: Because Zordon was a sneaky, lying manipulator.

(And yes, that really is how I actually think of him. Well-known Power Rangers fan Joe Rovang once remarked that one of his favorite things about the series is how much it leaves to interpretation; in my opinion, good ol' Zordon is one of them. That's not to say he's evil; he's actually very heroic and selfless. He'd just rather keep his valorous teens out of the dirty, seedy side of this stuff.)

-Signing off.

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