Monday, August 30, 2010

Game Review: Cyber Ortek Flier

Cyber Ortek Flier is not a complex game, a thinking man's game, or a particularly hard game. (Well, not on the early levels.)

It is, however, a fun game.

This is in no small part because it was created by Pseudolonewolf, creator of many fun flash games, and a person of multiple game-making talents. (He composes nice music, too.)

Cyber Ortek Flier is one of his oldest games, and the first one to gain him any notoriety.

It's an extremely simple spaceship shooting game. The twist is that your spaceship is a firebreathing...


...two-headed robotic dragon.

Nuanced? No, not really. Fun? Yes.

As shown above, you can breathe fire or spew acid (I'm guessing that's what the green stuff is, anyway) either independently or simultaneously. There might be subtle differences in the damage they do to different enemies, but since most die in one hit, it doesn't matter much, now does it?

Instead, having two weapons that you can use determines how quickly you use up your weapon energy (the blue bar). The more constantly you use it, the slower it replenishes; if you hold fire for a while, it replenishes quickly.

The green bar is your health, and it gradually replenishes, too. I think it does so a bit faster if you're not shooting or being shot, but it's slow enough I can't be sure.

There are little power-ups and things, but they're not especially powerful or important. What's important is that you're extremely durable and powerful, and it's actually a viable strategy to just blindly pound your way through most of the early levels, going headfirst into enemies if you don't have enough firepower.

(What, you thought some puny enemy ships could really hurt a giant cyborg dragon thing?)

Note I say most of the early levels; here's the part where you need to be a bit more strategic.

What would a game like this be without some kind of boss with insane attacks, hm?

As I've said, fun stuff. It doesn't have a gigantic amount of replay value, but you'll still be able to play for hours. (If memory serves, the later levels are terrifyingly hard at points, but then, I'm not the best player of this kind of game, anyway.)

-Signing off.

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