Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Space (?) Crazy Comics: What's Your Act?

Sometimes, Outer Space forgot that it was about, well, Outer Space.

Today's example (from Outer Space #22) is a prime example of exactly what I'm talking about, though it's not especially egregious, because it's basically just a joke. A lame joke that burned two pages, but a joke.

We start with a talent agent trying to find a "good" act to book. Sadly, some dudes walk in who have what he considers the wrong stuff:


But they're "dummies" with a difference, they'll have him know-not only is the little one not a typical dummy (the agent insisted that he'd seen the little man/big puppet routine before)...

...but that the big one is a robot.

Unfortunately for the agent, they refuse to use his services, since he was rude to him. He asks the man who built the robot, and...

... (cue rimshot) Well, you can see the rest for yourself.

What did this have to do with outer space? Unless they were built by aliens, I have no clue.

(As always, you can download this piece of bad joke that was falsely advertised for yourself from Golden Age Comics.)

-Signing off.

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