Thursday, March 25, 2010

Game Review: Antbuster

Antbuster is a tower defense game. As I've stated in the past, I enjoy these a lot, but how does this one measure up?

Well, the problem is, you can't "maze" your enemies. Which, as you might guess, are ants. Attacking your picnic.

The game is obviously intended to be amusing; aside from the quaint visuals like the cake and the ants, the ants cackle like chipmunks from a Disney cartoon when they steal pieces and loudly splat when killed. (I must admit, the fact that I consider the Disney chipmunks to be pure evil can make this cathartic for me, but that's a personal thing.)

Another gameplay issue is that the prices of even the basic turrets rise more and more rapidly as the game continues, especially when you're successful at defense. Come up with some other way to balance gameplay, please.

However, there's something rather revolting about this game if you think about it: When the ants that steal cake pieces die, the pieces go flying back to the cake.

I ain't puttin' my lips on that.

-Signing off.

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