Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Comic Book Story of WWII

In Air Fighters Comics #4 (information to be found here), the Skywolf feature pits the heroes against a foe far deadlier than Hitler...

...Hitler's boss, a literal witch.

And she's decided she's sick of his bumbling and fumbling, so she's going to get a replacement.

Before very long, though, she kind of forgets about her Hitler clone, and decides she'd rather replace Hitler with a real warrior:

Genghis Khan. No joke.

And as she sends off Khan on some truly frivolous mission on a super-fast magic horse, she shows Hitler she's honest.

No political commentary intended, I'm sure.

Here's where things get really nuts, though. Genghis Khan goes to his ancient, suspiciously factory-like fortress to rejoin his army...

...a bunch of midget "dogboys" that ride on giant buzzards.


So what kind of spectacular ending to this "epic" series of events could you expect, were you to do what I did and find and download this public domain comic off the Internet for free?

They blow up Genghis Khan in the very last panel.

Hm. A little anticlimactic.

-Signing off.

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