Monday, June 27, 2016

Someone Is Blogging Somewhere Else

I mentioned recently that I'd gotten a Tumblr, and that I'd link it in the future. The future is nowHere's the link.

I'm going to take at least a week off from this blog and concentrate on figuring out my Tumblr blogging rhythm. I do intend to blog here at least once a week for a while, at least, but I've formed too many habits that are detrimental to "serious" blogging here, so I'm going to see if I can loosen up a bit.

(I apologize if you're one of the people who's started following me in the last half-year, but hey, I'll probably be reblogging other people's content of the "random music" variety more efficiently this way, and that's kind of the thing I've been doing most often lately, so...)

-Signing off.

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