Friday, February 19, 2016


It's always a darned shame when a mediocre product (e.g. a game) has something in it that's pretty great; perhaps the best example of this is when a game has serious issues but a great soundtrack.

For instance, 7th Legion (available on, incidentally, with its soundtrack included as DRM-free MP3s).

(Watch out for the one-finger salute, which there's a good chance you've seen already because it's right there in the preview.)

I can't say anything regarding its gameplay or story (beyond the basic premise sounding pretty amazing*), but the soundtrack? Yeah, I'd pay the six bucks's asking for to get that.

*Basic premise: All the rich people left Earth when it became unlivable. Centuries later, their descendants come back to reclaim it. But the 7th Legion, presumably the toughest descendants of the people they left behind, are throwing them a "welcome back BBQ." Hence the "A good 7th Legion recruit ALWAYS [one-finger] salutes his victim."

-Signing off.

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