Monday, July 7, 2014

Probably Inverse Ninja Law

So there are two things about this clip from the Armor Hero Emperor movie that I find really funny.

One is the guy in the clown mask just in general; he's basically a Western comic books supervillain/terrorist with a hilariously stupid voice.

The other thing is that it takes the Emperor Hero about six minutes (and multiple ridiculous flashy finishers) to beat the beetle monster, but defeats the hundred-plus strong "cockroach army" barely a full minute after they appear, effectively with one attack.

Keep in mind that in the Armor Hero series, the Emperor Hero form (this incidentally appears to be the third character* it's been attached to) was able to beat a Cthulhu-esque eldritch abomination made up of at least five of the other villains who could fly in space and make himself over a hundred feet tall at will.

*Depending on how one counts. The second Emperor Hero, who is the one mentioned as defeating the big freaky monster noted above, seemed to actually be the combined form of the other five Armor Heroes from the first series, although exactly what was going on was kinda ambiguous from the clip I've seen.

-Signing off.

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