Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hate The Video Title, Though (Rim Is Already In The Title, Why Do You Need To Add Basket?)

Much as I hate basketball*, I actually kind of enjoyed Space Jam.

And I love Pacific Rim, so this is a thing I kind of enjoy regardless of how ridiculous it obviously is.

It's made even better, of course, by the fact that the music actually works.

*You know why I hate basketball?
I'm mostly just kind of neutral on sports in general. I'll sort of watch football if it's on in the same room, but honestly that's because when you get down to it football feels like a battle with drawn lines.
I hate basketball because 1) I'm six foot four inches barefoot, which makes me taller than most people, especially taller than most high schoolers (and I was roughly this height as of my sophomore year of high school, more or less), and 2) people think of tall people as playing basketball.
I used to be neutral on basketball, but at some point literally every new person I met during my teenage years would ask if I played it in a way that rather strongly assumed I'd say yes. I initially would respond to these with "I don't like basketball," but after the twentieth or thirtieth time, I started responding with a vehement "I hate basketball" instead. My natural disposition around most people is pretty quiet, too, and so this got quite a reaction.
It didn't help that my parents thought I should be into some sport or another, and after I proved to be terrible at soccer (I'm a really slow runner), they tried getting me into basketball, partly by demanding I shoot a large number of successful baskets in a backyard hoop they bought for that sole purpose over the course of one summer**. (Even if it hadn't enhanced my dislike for basketball, I still never had even fractionally high enough of a success rate to consider joining a team.)
Gosh, but I hate basketball.
**They probably figured that since Dad had also been tall and had played basketball in high school*** that I'd be able to get into basketball easily. Never mind that I've got roughly the same hand-eye coordination as a potato.
***Once, Dad tells me, he scored more than his entire team had in a game, and he was only on the floor for fifteen seconds. Naturally, he was the only guy who'd scored. Quite a kidder, my dad.

-Signing off.

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