Monday, December 23, 2013

At Least His Name Hasn't Ruined His Self Esteem*

My sister declared this the weirdest thing she's seen "in a while." Take that how you will.

I love how apparently Coach Crime knows when crooks are near random phones. (I wasn't watching quite closely enough to know if there's an actual explanation, but it seems dubious.)

Fun facts:

The main characters are voiced by Peter Cullen (many versions of Optimus Prime) and Frank Welker (has voiced characters in almost every cartoon ever, but in context the most relevant are the Megatron voices he did). (Additional fun fact: The spellcheck knows "Cullen" but not "Welker.")

This originally aired as part of a block called The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show.

The dog's name is Yukk!, in the words of Wikipedia's article "formally stylized with an exclamation point."

I stumbled across this, by the way, because I was looking at an entry on the Ben 10 wiki about an alien with a loosely similar gag to Yukk!'s.

*I mention this because he compares himself to Robert Redford. Dude's pretty comfortable with himself.

-Signing off.

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