Thursday, April 14, 2011

Robo Force: The Revenge of Nazgar (Part the Fifth)

When we last saw those silly-looking robots, they had just gotten out of a big sludgy lava substitute.

This means they need to go back to base for repairs-their power packs have been depleted or some such thing. (They probably also want all that squishy "lava" scraped off.)

Meanwhile, Hun-Dred and company arrive at the final location, which they really should have known about in the first place...

...but we'll let it slide.

Not only does it contain Nazgar's brain, it's also actually a giant frikkin' tower fortress that's been camouflaged with rock and is armed with a gigantic death ray capable of targeting Celestia (the big happy techno-city from earlier) from miles and miles away, even though it probably ought to be beyond the horizon line.

And Nazgar is happy to have his new body, courtesy of Dr. Fury (remember him?).

Mark Fury breaks in by himself and breaks his father out, beating the ever-living heck out of some of Hun-Dred's robots in the process.

I reiterate: A dude took on two heavily armed killer robots without a weapon. And neither he nor his father got hurt.

This is about when the death ray starts bombarding the city... Deena and the robots head in.

This causes the villains to unleash their defense system: GIANT METAL PTEROSAURS.

It doesn't work very well, and the good guys are inside in mere seconds. (And with good reason: There's only a couple of minutes left before it will be over forever!)

As they enter, Maxx Steele is confronted by Hun-Dred, who is determined to take the other 'bot down. He whips his robot-killing drill out and proceeds to-

-break it on Maxx's shoulder?! What?

And then, Maxx punches him-

-CHEESE! Across the room?

And then he explodes.

What was that?

Wait, here's an excerpt from an "Official" Robo Force page's Maxx Steele bio entry:

With the motto "Any mission, any time, any place," [Maxx's] primary assets are his brute strength and his almost total invulnerability.

You don't say?

Anyway, Nazgar is preparing to escape, and that flunky guy who betrayed the security council in the second part wants to escape too.

He isn't allowed to get into the escape... doohickey, and after it closes, all the good robots but Maxx Steele and Coptor (who carried out Dr. Fury) show up. The flunky points at it and shouts "Nazgar's in there!" and Deena and the robots shoot the heck out of it.

I mean, they seriously mess this thing's stuff right up.

Granted, this was just open-ended enough that Nazgar might have been using a teleporter or even a more mundane method like a trap-door to escape, but it's not going to be followed up in later episodes, because there aren't any.

The death ray can't be shut off, so Maxx (remember, he went off by himself) goes and breaks it with his bare hands robot gripper things.

And then, in celebration, he and the robot boys have some nice refreshing suspicious beverages.

Just like that one time in G1 Transformers, although we don't see the part where they all get drunk and start using their robot abilities in hilariously inappropriate ways.

I guess that's probably for the best; better they go out on a high note.

As I've said, this is a fun little cartoon; it was probably helped by the fact that, being only one segment, it couldn't afford to waste a second, so it just goes by at breakneck speed.

-Signing off.

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