Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cybertron Takes Sides?

So I was watching the rather cool trailer for the upcoming War for Cybertron Transformers game. (I'm rather unlikely to ever play the game; however, the chances that I'll excessively peruse information on it on the Transformers Wiki is as close to unity [i.e. 100%] as such things get.)

(If you want to watch a bigger version, just look at YouTube. I've stuck far too many widescreen vids on this blog and covered stuff over; it's a bad habit I need to get out of.)

After I got over the various things like Optimus's absurd acrobatics, Omega Supreme's dinky, silly head, and Megatron's rather fourth-rate voice, plus the awesome things like Trypticon, the new Bumblebee design, and, well, everything else, I noticed something rather peculiar.

If you watch closely during the firefight (0:30 to 0:40), the Autobots are ducking behind pop-up shields that are coming out of the ground (most notably Bumblebee). Those could, of course, simply be fortifications belonging to the Autobots.

But then, there's the helpful highway that Optimus rides to the rescue (0:45-0:52). Aside from the fact that it seems to be mildly defying gravity, it turns upwards into a ramp to give ol' Op something to car-jump with. And as near as can be told, Optimus is just coming from nowhere in particular. (Alternately, I suppose this could be related to RID's version of the "space bridge.")

Taken separately, those two artifacts could just be random hardware, and all things considered, they probably are just that. (In fact, it kind of seems that the area is probably an Autobot city, and is probably siding with them because they at least partly built and programmed it.)

But taken together, and added to the fact that both of these look like part of Cybertron's surface, which we must remember is actually a living planet, has a subtle (and probably unintentional) implication.

That being that Cybertron has taken a side.

Now, I don't particularly think that this implication will have anything to do with the game, or anything like that. (Though it wouldn't be the first time that Cybertron/Primus took sides.) It's just an amusing little idea that struck me.

And if it were true, it would certainly explain one thing-why Autobots are ground pounders and Decepticons are air warriors. The Autobots want to benefit from the protection of Cybertron's machinery, while the Decepticons want to avoid attacks from it.

Like I said, it's an interesting idea, even if it's not official or has anything to do with anything. But I like it.

-Signing off.

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