Friday, September 12, 2008

Just An FYI...

...for that handful of readers of this blog who aren't me or my sister:

My sister makes a webcomic.

It's been updating kind of sporadic-like lately, but my sister is back on track now, and after two weeks of solid MTWRF updating again, she's ready to get the next "major" storyline started on Monday.

It may not be your cup of tea, but you should judge that for yourself. Warning: If you don't like it when members of a single species have fifteen different possible skin tones when closely related to one another, you should not read this comic. (I'm kidding, of course-you should read this comic. But that may just be my opinion.)

One of the reasons I mention it is because I'm the primary sounding board, sort-of editor, occasional idea guy, etc. for the comic. While she definitely does 95+% of the work, I do contribute a good sized chunk of what's left. (I also wrote a lot of the Comic Dish page titles.)

As another FYI, if you're ever thinking of making a webcomic and want free, high-quality hosting, Comic Dish is the site. No ads, hardly any hangups or snafus, easy to use updater, a complimentary system for moving over your comic if you hosted it on another site first, server capacity that's being kept ahead of the curve... Who do these guys think they are, Google?

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